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Amazing how quick some trash talking internet baddass in Mom's basement forgets who spanked Bama's ass 6 straight years in a row in the not to distant past. Enjoy this little run while you can flamer you'll be right back at home in the cellar again sooner or later
^Take off your crimson glasses for once in your comments. The Sooners play in a conference that has pretty much zero concept of what defense is. The two times they played out of the big12 this year and faced teams that actually play on both sides of the line they were spanked. Auburn should have White and Pettway back at 100% on offense by then for the first time since the Vandy game so it should be a pretty good game
Polls like this are opionated baseless crap, its the same thing as asking which taste best apples or oranges
Some Apple employee just got an exponential increase to her Christmas bonus this year.
Thats because the head of SEC officials is a bammer grad so they get something for that alone. Got to keep the boss happy!
Good thing it wasn't an Elephant skeleton or there would be some dead trees in Gainesville.
I thought tree killin' harvey was banned from Auburn for life?
Whats it been 5-6 years ago now? Yall really need to get over the jelousy and move on.
Again as always bama fans remain in the absolute center of there own universe in the comments
They could mix it all up and change to a north/south division which would work better keeping your natural rival each year from the other division and play some more traditional opponents for some. South: Auburn, Florida, SC, Miss State, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M North: Alabama, Tennessee, Vandy, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mizzou, Kentucky. However, it may be tough to name it "SEC NORTH"
No more man love for all things Saban after Nessler takes over!
WRONG WRONG!! I quit reading at "rooting for Auburn to flame out", let me fix it for you: " rooting for Auburn to turn the burner up a notch and kick butt to the end because I don't give a rats left gonad if everyone else in the SEC loses every remaining game with 2 exceptions - UAT and the Rebs need to put a beat down on Miss st." Now that's much better and WAR DAMN EAGLE!!