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Yeah, Spikes not being in the HOF is an absolute crime. That dude was a monster.
Couldn't agree more. Auburn should be on this list in the 5 spot and Florida shouldn't.
Fair, although if we're comparing those teams head to head I'd point out that the Arky team didn't even advance to the SEC Championship game that year and Florida theirs. It's hard (for me anyway) to put a team on the "All time greatest SEC basketball national champions" when they didn't win the conference championship (or even play in it).
That 95/96 State Final Four team with Erick Dampier and Dontae Jones was really something.
Nope. I understand that bloggers gotta blog but this one is a reach. Kentucky has 8, Florida has 2, Arkansas just the 1. And with all due respect To Arky, putting their team on this list is pretty much just to make it as diverse as possible. I mean, if you think of it logically, if the '06-'07 Florida team makes this list, then the '05-'06 team kinda has to as well - it was the exact same group of guys. Or you can just pick 2 more Kentucky teams, but then there's really no point in blogging about it.
Small correction to your comment on the Florida/Tennessee game today - Tennessee won the game in Gainesville this past Sunday 65-54, they didn't lose. Florida is looking to avenge the loss - Tennessee is looking to beat the Gators twice in a week.
Yung Joka was absolutely my favorite jedi in Episode II.
Um, the Citrus Bowl is not one of the “New Years’ Six” bowls.
I have never met a fanbase so completely lacking in self-awareness or reading comprehension. I give up - you win. Our program deserves the death penalty and Dan Mullen is pedophile who kicks puppies in his spare time and our AD should summarily execute him via gunshot wound to the wound. I've started a GoFundMe so we can put Kirby Smart up for canonization by the Pope. Send me your email address so I can send you a link.
Oh, OK. I see: 1. NCAA recruiting violations don't "count" unless it's football; 2. NCAA recruiting violations don't matter if it's an assistant, only if it's the head coach - even if the underlying conduct is the exact same. C'mon man. I'm not saying that both of these things aren't stuff people shouldn't be doing, or that the NCAA wasn't right to impose minor sanctions in both cases. I'm calling out the hypocrisy of Georgia fans specifically trying to draw the exact same sort of meaningless distinctions you are and trying to pile on Florida. Just stop.
If you want to see some serious hypocrisy, google the SDS article article from 9 months ago about the seven violations Georgia got penalized for (one of which was identical to us - coaches talking to a kid who wasn’t a junior yet). Read the comments and note that some of the commenters on these Florida probation articles are THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE who hand-waived it when it was Georgia.
What is this, 3 different self-righteous Georgia fans on a story on the Florida page? Dude - move on. The finger-waving is making you look like fool. Seriously. If you don't think Kirby Smart, or Nick Saban, or Jimbo Fisher, or whoever, hasn't done both of these things you're kidding yourself.
It's a slow news day - what do you expect, it's bowl week, LOL. It's two minor inpermissible contact issues - one of which isn't even impermissible under current rules, the NCAA now allows stadium tours under these circumstances. Read the NCAA release - the school paid a $5,000 fine, had it's 2019 evaluations reduced from 42 to 41, and lost 12 football evaluation days in 2018-2019 (this stuff all happened in Mullen's first year, so the penalties have already been satisfied). And you've got posters above talking about Mullen's "character" based on this. Sheesh.
Meh. I used to think that, but at this level these guys care about what's going to help them get to the pros and let them showcase their talents. LSU already has a young offensive line who are going to play for a few more years - he'll have to win a spot and dislodge an existing starter. They also already have an OT in their class (who just signed early). Both of our OTs are graduating so this kid would almost certainly start for us as a freshman next year, and we've got a spot held for him. We've got interior linemen but no OTs.
It's an academic discussion that, thankfully, will almost certainly be decided on the field. Absent some major upsets (and there would have to be TWO of them for either team)the SECCG is going to be for a playoff spot and a head-to-head duel for the Heisman between the two frontrunners. It sucks, and it's not his fault, but Lawrence is probably going to fade with his two missed games unless he absolutely explodes the rest of the way. Florida's remaining opponents are a combined 7-17 and none of them has a winning record. Trask's stats are going to get even more gaudy. Mac Jones still has to beat Auburn and that's his best chance to look impressive on a big stage against a quality opponent. But the better QB in the SECCG is almost certainly getting the hardware.
Totally agree with you. If CDM doesn't win this one, there's a danger he starts to fall into the Mack Brown/Jim Harbaugh type territory where he can't win the big game against the big rival. That's not going to get him fired, obviously - we're still miles better off than we've been in the past 10 years and CDM is extremely popular, but the grumbling will definitely start.
I just don’t see a scenario where Georgia puts up a ton of points, so I think this game goes one of two ways. In the first scenario, Georgia’s defense has enough depth and talent, even absent the starters, to keep Pitts and Toney under control and Florida's offense sputters. On the other side, Florida stops Bennett deep and Georgia can’t make much happen in the run game. In other words - a rock fight that pretty comes down to a handful of big plays and some long field goals, and a nailbiter of an ending that could go either way. This seems to be the way Vegas is leaning based on the spread and the O/U. Alternatively, Florida knocks Georgia’s defense down early, goes up a couple scores, and it just gets worse and worse as they try to adjust and start pushing Bennett to make big plays. It gets ugly for Georgia, there are some turnovers, and it ends in a blowout loss for the Dawgs as Florida cruises to victory in the 4th quarter (similar to the 2018 game, but reversed) You can pick the score, but something like 41-17 could happen if things snowball badly enough and Georgia barely manages to score a “respectability” TD late.
Look. I was there. About 40 feet away, with a number of Missou fans sitting around me. We HEARD the crack of the helmets hitting each other and everyone around me flinched. There was forceable helmet-to-helmet contact and he was unabated to the QB from at least 7 yards away. You can frame by frame it on ESPN if you want - their helmets are on a level plane and Trask's head rocks backwards. If that had been one of our LBs nailing Bazelak I'd be saying the exact same thing. I'm not calling "dirty" or any of that nonsense, I understand these guys are moving at full speed trying to make bang bang plays and it happens. But it was clearly targeting and the player should have been/should be ejected for a half.
More or less as expected for Florida. The surprise is that 2 additional Missou players got suspended after further review who weren't originally ejected from the game. Not sure if the missed targeting call on the underlying play that started all of this is being addressed separately or at all.
Uh, the game is in Gainesville, not Columbia. May want to edit the last paragraph.
Fun idea. If Arky's picking, I think they probably take WR Michael Pittman from USC. Position of need, guy's a playmaker. Utah RB Zack Moss wouldn't be a bad fit either.
Oh, I think it will absolutely be played. But I think the chance of people being able to attend the games live is around zero. Even if we are mostly recovered by August, there's too much risk in packing 100,000 into an enclosed space and then sending those people home. All it takes is one infected person in that stadium and hundreds - maybe thousands - will take it home with them.
I think that's a little high for Smart and little low for Pruitt. And that's not a shot at the Vols - it's a compliment. Pruitt's about out of grace with the fans and a 7-5 season next year is possible with that game at Oklahoma. I just don't think that cuts it. Georgia showed a large amount of patience with Richt - he's a 1 at most.
This is legit answer, particularly in the context of the question focusing on his degree in history. You can recognize that Hitler was an influential leader who was able to get an entire country to go along with his insane ideas, without endorsing the ideas themselves (which is exactly what he said). Was he supposed to say "Jesus, Mother Theresa, and Barack Obama" and give the most "safe" answer possible? Sheesh.
There's a misstatement in this article (that a number of people get wrong). When Sugar/Rose/Orange lose a conference champion, they are NOT required to select the next highest ranked CFP team. They default to their existing agreement with the conferences, and can invite whoever they want (so long as the team has 6 wins). The CFP has no say-so and doesn't "assign" the replacement team (the way they assign teams to Cotton, Peach and Fiesta - the "Access Bowls."). This is important, because it does not mean that Georgia automatically goes to the Sugar Bowl with an LSU loss. The Sugar Bowl can invite who they want, and Georgia played there last year. It's entirely possible they'd invite Florida.
Can we work in a requirement that Danielson is NOT allowed to do any SEC games?