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Fun idea. If Arky's picking, I think they probably take WR Michael Pittman from USC. Position of need, guy's a playmaker. Utah RB Zack Moss wouldn't be a bad fit either.
Oh, I think it will absolutely be played. But I think the chance of people being able to attend the games live is around zero. Even if we are mostly recovered by August, there's too much risk in packing 100,000 into an enclosed space and then sending those people home. All it takes is one infected person in that stadium and hundreds - maybe thousands - will take it home with them.
I think that's a little high for Smart and little low for Pruitt. And that's not a shot at the Vols - it's a compliment. Pruitt's about out of grace with the fans and a 7-5 season next year is possible with that game at Oklahoma. I just don't think that cuts it. Georgia showed a large amount of patience with Richt - he's a 1 at most.
This is legit answer, particularly in the context of the question focusing on his degree in history. You can recognize that Hitler was an influential leader who was able to get an entire country to go along with his insane ideas, without endorsing the ideas themselves (which is exactly what he said). Was he supposed to say "Jesus, Mother Theresa, and Barack Obama" and give the most "safe" answer possible? Sheesh.
There's a misstatement in this article (that a number of people get wrong). When Sugar/Rose/Orange lose a conference champion, they are NOT required to select the next highest ranked CFP team. They default to their existing agreement with the conferences, and can invite whoever they want (so long as the team has 6 wins). The CFP has no say-so and doesn't "assign" the replacement team (the way they assign teams to Cotton, Peach and Fiesta - the "Access Bowls."). This is important, because it does not mean that Georgia automatically goes to the Sugar Bowl with an LSU loss. The Sugar Bowl can invite who they want, and Georgia played there last year. It's entirely possible they'd invite Florida.
Can we work in a requirement that Danielson is NOT allowed to do any SEC games?
This would seem to be the current doomsday scenario, wouldn't it? Everyone except Clemson and Minnesota ends up with a loss. LSU loses to Georgia and OSU to Minnesota in their championship games. One-loss LSU/Georgia/OSU. Pick 2. The screaming will be unbearable. I don't know how you keep out a one-loss SEC Champion Georgia - that seems like a give. But picking between LSU and OSU, let alone throwing a 1-loss Oklahoma and/or Utah/Oregon into the mix will be gloriously awful.
His comments were exactly right, and anyone who is pearl-clutching or acting indignant can turn in their SEC membership card. This is big boy football and he said it in a context for his players that should have stayed private. Good for Coach O. That kind of fire is what makes our conference great.
Agreed. Georgia looked like a championship caliber team today. Great win Dawgs, congrats.
Congrats on the win. No excuses and no blaming the refs - we got beat whistle to whistle by the better team. You know the deal - ignore the 2 or 3 trolls, we'll do the same.
Emmitt Smith couldn't run behind our line. Perine and the backs get some responsibility, but by no means all of it. Great win today - congrats.
Congrats, Dawgs. Well played, and well won. Good luck the rest of the way.
I really don't think Grantham was the problem. The playcalling was fine on defense - the execution was terrible. When he sent the blitz they couldn't get penetration, and when he dropped back in coverage Fromm found the open man (usually by picking on our nickelback). I'm far angrier at the offense, which looked horrifically unprepared. Wrong personnel, guys not lining up right, guys not knowing the plays. I've got no idea what we did during the bye week.
Just back from Jax - sad drive and I'm ready for bed, but wanted to get on to congratulate the Dawgs. You were, without a doubt, the better team today. No blaming the refs, no excuses. We got outcoached on offense and defense. Best of luck the rest of the season - I see the trolls (on both sides) are lurking about but most of the folks on SDS are good peeps. Congrats again.
BS course correction from the league office after all the complaining after the USCe game. Florida can forget about getting any calls today.
I get what he's saying. If you gave me the choice of beating Georgia and losing to FSU, or the reverse, I'd take beating FSU and losing to Georgia every time. One of those outcomes has a lot of shame and self-loathing associated with it, one of them doesn't.
This is a fun question (particularly when discussed with a Georgia fan, who have their own perspectives on THEIR biggest rival which largely mirror ours). I've found that the answer is largely generational. A millennial will answer Georgia. A gen-exer will answer Florida State. A boomer will answer Auburn. These are all obviously based on your historical framework. Florida State is my reflexive answer, but it's because I attended Florida in the 90's and Georgia and Auburn weren't nationally relevant in that window (and we stopped playing Auburn regularly). But every Florida State game in the 90's meant something.
Shut down the internet, we’re done for today. LOL.
I'll be honest, I'm a little bummed by this. I'd really like them to find a way to work in a home/home at least every 5 years. Setting aside the usual rivalry snark, Sanford is one of the great environments in college football. I'd like to be able to go to an away game up there every once in a while.
It's a joke. His buyout is 17 million AFTER this season is over and FSU's financial woes are well documented. Plus, you've got to buy off all his staff and THEN come up with a way to pay Meyer and all the staff HE'S going to want. Their athletic department has a deficit of a couple million dollars in 2017-2018.
Can we talk about Wake Forest for a minute? I mean, like, WHAT IS GOING ON?
Fellow Gators, I put this together for the rest of the season. Feel free to use as needed: "Wow, what a game, right? You know, the Florida Gators really are hot garbage and *INSERT YOUR TEAM NAME HERE* should have won that one. *INSERT YOUR TEAM NAME HERE* only lost because (CHOOSE NO MORE THAN 2 OF THE FOLLOWING): (A) The weather was terrible and *INSERT YOUR TEAM'S BEST PLAYER HERE* played awful; (B) The referees were secretly paid off by us; (C) The SEC league office is just protecting the "favorites" in the east and west and the ratings for future games; (D) *INSERT NO MORE THAN TWO OF YOUR BEST PLAYERS HERE* were both playing hurt and obviously not up to their usual standards - we got lucky; (E) *INSERT YOUR TEAM NAME HERE* never turn the ball over like that - without those turnovers we probably don't pull that out. (F) I know *INSERT YOUR TEAM NAME HERE* had to play *INSERT APPLICABLE TEAM NAME HERE* the week before and your guys were beat up and emotionally drained. I totally get it. Again, I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed by our 'win' and I promise not to take any joy in it. I've also submitted a request to the league office and Commissioner Sankey that we be relegated to the Sun Belt and that a directional Louisiana team be promoted so they can have an in-state rivalry with LSU. LSU has had a rough time of it in the media lately and the conference should do something nice for them, right? Thanks for being a good sport."
Good luck tonight. Just got back from Columbia, no fun watching or playing a game in that dreck and you guys are gonna have the same weather. Ugly.
Agree with that. I think LSU, A&M, and Florida beat all those numbers. The Georgia margin seems high - there are some concerns with that offense and I don't think they win by 24. I also like Tennessee to keep it a bit closer with Bama - they've found some offense and Bama hasn't held an opponent to LESS than 23 points in a conference game this year.
I think there are three things going on. First, I think Mullen is trying to capture some of that 2006 magic with Leak/Tebow that worked so well. At the end of the day, EJ runs our offense as designed better than Trask - Mullen wants to be running a spread read/option base. Trask is just not mobile or big enough for that. Second, I think part of it was to give Trask an opportunity to "decompress" between series and tell the coaches what he was seeing and fine tune things. Third, I think part of it is to just keep EJ happy and assured that he's the future (assuming Trask starts next year, EJ will then have 2 years of eligibility to be the starter and he's the future as of right now). We don't want him getting any transfer portal ideas. Just guesses, but they make sense.
I'd probably flip Odom and Smart. Losing to Wyoming is inexcusable - you can't just hand waive that away. Yes Georgia lost to an unranked South Carolina, but they're still a credible SEC foe. Also (and I know I'll get yell at for being a homer) but I'd reorder the top 3 Mullen-Orgeron-Saban. In the context of this article, Mullen is unquestionably the one who has outperformed expectations the most. LSU and Alabama are great, but they're SUPPOSED to be with that much talent. Mullen is doing it without a single 5-star recruit on the roster and Florida was picked to lose by a lot of people against Kentucky and virtually everyone against Auburn and LSU. And regardless of the final numbers, the LSU game was basically a one-score game the whole time.