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Why is Auburn #7? That was one of the worst offensive performances I have ever seen. Stidham was so bad I almost couldn't believe it. Has nobody ever taught him how to throw the ball away? Also, where are the offensive tricks Malzahn used to have up his sleeve? Looked like Auburn ran about 3 or 4 plays all night and almost none of them ever worked. I would not be happy if I was an Auburn fan.
This is why everyone hates Ole Miss fans. Do us all a favor and stay out of comment sections on the internet.
Memphis ran the same 7 or 8 plays they ran last year, and we still could barely cover any of it. Offense looked good but really unhappy with the secondary and difficulty covering the screen Memphis runs basically every other play. Thank god timely turnovers never let this game get too stressful.
Hey SDS. The subheading for the story under the comments says "Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster revealed he received a black guy after making a big hit on Chad Kelly in Week 3." That's a different story entirely.
Huge respect for Prescott. I've never liked the Cowboys, but he is actually making them fun to watch. Can't believe how comfortable he looks and how great he is playing. Awesome.
If their defense looks similar and their offense is improved from last year, this is definitely realistic. I wouldn't even be that surprised if they managed to steal one from UGA, UT, or Florida. Not a team anyone should sleep on. That almost came back to bite OM last year.
Of course Harris had more yards. He had to throw the ball 17 more times than Kelly since we kept stuffing Fournette in big plays. That game showed how vulnerable LSU is when they aren't able to run over the defense for the entire game and you make them throw. Kelly had a higher average yards per throw, more touchdowns, less interceptions, and a higher QBR. You LSU fans always love to brag that Harris had more yards than Kelly, and that ignorance is STUNNING.
Damn. Guess the degree I'm getting in the nation's second best honors college is useless then.
I sure hope the Alabama coaches and players continue to "not care" about beating Ole Miss as much as the fans claim to.
Can't believe there have been 15 better moments than Auburn's Kick Six.
This gets pretty annoying. I'm not saying we are definitely going to beat you or anything but referencing stats like that add nothing to your argument. We hadn't won in Tuscaloosa since 1988 either, but that didn't seem to affect the outcome of last year's game.
I mean four drops, offensive tackles that decided to take the night off, and coaches that wouldn't adjust the game plan at all (something the Broncos were well aware of). I don't know if its fair to say he "fell apart". And he definitely deserved the MVP. Who was even anywhere close to as valuable as he was this year?
We will be much, much better off with Akeem Judd running the ball than we were with Jaylen Walton. Receivers may not be as good as last year but will still be extremely good.
Cam was definitely the best player in the league this year. He was absolutely incredible to watch. He carried his average team to 17 wins and an NFC championship, gets the MVP award, then loses in the Super Bowl. It is incredibly unfair of us to disrespect the man because he was upset. Obviously, he has dreamt of winning a Super Bowl his whole life. None of us can imagine how painful it must have been to be forced to go talk to reporters after coming up short in the biggest moment of his entire life. It isn't his job to talk to reporters. His job is to play football. The internet didn't form an angry mob all the time Marshawn Lynch chose to not speak to reporters, but the hatred of Cam Newton is just ridiculous. So many people call this the "No Fun League" then ridicule one of the only players who actually appears to have fun playing football. Everyone can lay off of him.
These helmets are really awesome. Once everyone gets used to the new logo people will like these more. Kentucky always has fantastic uniforms.
I was referring more to how venomous everyone is towards Ole Miss in the comment section of any article that makes any positive comment about Ole Miss. State fans are definitely excused though. We are supposed to hate each other.
Why does everyone hate Ole Miss so much? I don't think I have ever seen this much hate for a team on the rise. Is everyone just trying to antagonize the two idiot Ole Miss fans that post on this website?
Why would that matter in determining how good Ole Miss will be this year?
I guess you didn't watch the egg bowl. It was definitely a beat down.
McCaffrey seriously has been by far the best player this year in college football. I have never watched so much Stanford football in a year and it has only been to see him play.
Every Ole Miss fan is embarrassed by everything you post on this website.
I guess you two idiots chose to not actually read the article or anything other than the list itself. They reordered the current top 25 football teams based on academics.
2 of Stanford's 3 out-of-conference games were against Northwestern and Notre Dame. While a Pac-12 schedule isn't quite as tough as an SEC schedule, they definitely did NOT play a soft schedule.
Definitely Cam Newton. Auburn was must-see TV in 2010 if only to watch him make some of the nation's best defenses look like a bunch of average high-schoolers chasing him around the field. Absolutely dominant.
SDS was trying to make a point. I agree, pretty stupid.
Have you watched either team recently?
Good thing they reviewed it in the game, then. It was pretty clear about half of his body was on or behind the line. Whatever makes you feel better, I suppose.