Tennessee made it this time.

Lane Kiffin, former Tennessee head coach and current coach at Ole Miss, is all too familiar with potential game-winning kicks against Alabama. When he was coach of UT in 2009, the Vols had a similar chance to beat Alabama. Unfortunately for Kiffin, the kick was blocked and Alabama won, 12-10.

Not this time, though. Chase McGrath’s 40-yard kick screwballed through the uprights and Tennessee won, 52-49.

Kiffin’s reaction was perfect.

Both Tennessee and Ole Miss are undefeated on the season, with the Rebels in the drivers seat to win the SEC West. The Rebels still have to get by Saban and the Crimson Tide, but the path is certainly there. You didn’t think Kiffin was rooting for the Vols for nostalgia’s sake, did you?

Tennessee is also in the drivers seat to win the SEC East. The Vols have 2 difficult matchups remaining against Kentucky and Georgia, with the latter likely being the battle for a trip to Atlanta.