ESPN2’s alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast with Peyton and Eli Manning has garnered rave reviews. ESPN has been trying for years to court Peyton Manning to the main MNF booth, but finally were able to get him in the fold by creating a unscripted, fun, personality-based broadcast around the 2 brothers.

It’s the duo’s first time on the air since Tennessee played Ole Miss on Oct. 16. If you’ll recall, they made a friendly wager that the loser would have to wear the jersey of the other brother’s alma mater on air during the broadcast of the New Orleans Saints-Seattle Seahawks MNF game.

Of course, the Rebels won, and the older of the 2 Manning brothers had to pay up. Fortunately, Peyton was a good sport about it, but wasn’t going to abandon his Tennessee tumbler in the process:

Meanwhile, a more recent Ole Miss alum has made his mark on the game. Geno Smith connected with former Rebels great DK Metcalf for an 84-yard touchdown as the Seahawks took an early 7-0 lead.