The best SEC matchup on Saturday, Auburn vs. LSU, turned out to be no match at all.

Auburn blew out the SEC West Division’s other Tigers, 48-11. That sound you just heard was every DVD player in Louisiana firing up that highlight disc from the 2019 national championship season because this one is becoming painful to watch on the bayous.

This is just neaux fun for them.

When you have to break out the thesaurus to describe how bad you feel, that’s when you know the season is not going well.

Oh yeah, and the game against Alabama looms in two weeks:

Results elsewhere in the SEC held true to expected form, so let’s take a look around the country. Oklahoma State fell from the ranks of the unbeaten with an overtime loss at home to Texas:

Yes, it’s the good old Surrender Cobra. Want another one from Stillwater? Coming right up:

Also, is it possible that the Big Ten’s setup for a shortened season was a work of genius from the league’s commissioner? Seems unlikely, but there’s a visual to support every theory:

The B1G’s top matchup this weekend saw No. 3 Ohio State visit No. 18 Penn State. The Buckeyes had to fight off a game opponent; 2 missed field goals (by two kickers) did not help:

However, the Buckeyes held on for a 38-25 victory, leaving downbeat Penn State fans to break out a trusty meme…

…Or maybe to break up with their program altogether:

One College Football Playoff contender had a much scarier Halloween than Ohio State, and that’s Clemson. The Tigers trailed visiting Boston College 28-10 at one point before rallying. Their perilous state produced a flock of Surrender Cobras. (Is the plural of Surrender Cobras a flock? Or should it be a gaggle? A pack? A den? We’ll take suggestions.)

Clemson avoided further stress with a second-half comeback, but not before one more cobra:

Finally, with Saturday being Halloween, there were some creative costumes worn by the small number of fans who could get into games, such as the two Vanderbilt fans dressed as unicorns at the top. So what could be more 2020 than a group of folks at the TCU-Baylor game wearing panda costumes and masks?

We can only hope that their efforts were rewarded with lots of candy and as little sadness as possible.