Tailgating and football. Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. All classic combinations that are better together. But what about tailgating in the time of Corona? This year, most stadiums and teams have prohibited tailgating, which is a huge blow to most fan’s traditions. Below are some tips for tailgaiting safely this year, but we want to hear from you. What has changed in your routine? How are you making it happen?

Tips for tailgaiting this year:

Set ground rules. Make sure everyone agrees on the safety precautions, whether that be face mask, social distancing, or both.

Set up outside and keep it small. Using a projector and screen to ensure that people can spread out and properly social distance.

Keep hand sanitizer, plenty of plates and utensils, and disposable cups nearby. Make it easy on yourself and keep it clean by using disposable items as much as possible.