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With that kind of reporting you are ready to work for SDS!
Auburn is 4-2 not 3-3, I know advanced stats like win loss records are hard to figure out but come on guys...
It’s got to be those three and then a bunch of(deserving) others, you ask any college football fan in the country to name 5 great SEC players those 3 will be on every list. They all transcended the game in their own ways and it’s not just SEC fans or hell even cf fans who know who they are...they were great at the game but they were bigger than it too.
Why the F does this idiot still have a drivers license?!!! It should have been suspended from the get go? Does this kid have any parental figures guiding him? You have to be some of the dumbest “parents” in the world to not have stepped in at this point. I doubt in this case any “adults” are involved in the kids life.
Past CFP results would say otherwise as the #4 ranked team going in has won it all twice....number of times the #1 ranked team has won it all......ZERO. I would like all power 5 conference winners to get an automatic qualifier into the playoffs (you’re welcome PAC12) so that conference championship means something.
LSU #1, OSU #2 (winning as of now), CLEM #3, OU #4...good luck LSU bring home the natty!!
Auburn held LSU to season low points (23) this season and their closest game 23-20 in Death Valley, so Auburn should be ranked higher...well NO, bc Auburn lost to UF and UGA, duh! Head to head trumps shoulda woulda coulda(s)
Ladies and gentlemen your average UGA fan ^^, trying to make a rebuttal with no reasonable argument to the contrary, and by offering up no alternative choice to the statement at hand. Brilliant!
Agree. And not to mention making all those Tiger(s) fans travel all the way across the country for the game in PHX. That would be a brilliant strategic move. Columbus to ATL is a lot easier for their fans then CMH to PHX.
Where is the love for the LSU Golden Girls? Way better than anything UGA brings to the table. IMHO
YouTube it. It’s pretty awesome even though it’s very NSFW. LSU band has been told to NOT play it anymore, although OBJ came back and got them too. UGA fans better hope they don’t hear it in Mercedes Benz because it will only mean one thing...
3 wins, 3 SEC championship games, 2 SEC Championships won, 2 national title games, 1 National championship...I’ll take have to go back to 2005 to get to UGA 2nd most recent SEC championship and we all know how far you got to go back to find UGAs last natty :)
LSU, OSU, CLEM, UGA, BAMA, ORE, MINN, PENN ST, UTAH, OU, UF, BAYLOR....that’s what I think, wouldn’t be surprised to see bama UGA flip flopped.
bama, always bama. Out of all the other SEC teams besides Auburn, I would like to see UGA win a’s been a long long time for a program that talented...
While I agree, the committee has said over and over they put an emphasis on pwr5 conference championships. That’s an easy out for them and a way to avoid conference bias, right or wrong. I was merely breaking it down based on what I think the committee will do. But absolutely the SEC will get the 1st crack at getting a 1 loss non champ in the CFP.
Agree, no pressure from the fan base really. Unless USC is top #5 in the nation no one shows up to the Colosseum. They avg like 55,000 fans last year, too many “other things” going on in SoCal. Plus who is going to out recruit California over him? Answer: No one. Pete Carroll should everyone what USC could be with the right (shady) kind of coach.
In this scenario UF would be in for sure (SEC champions). You would need OU, OSU to be 1 loss not conference champions, and Clemson to lose 1 anywhere (schedule is too weak to overcome any loss)...1 loss PAC12 champ Oregon would get in unfortunately over 1 loss LSU and Bama I think...I think ND is in the distance with their 1 loss and no conference...So OSU loses to 2 loss WISC in BIG10 title, OU loses rematch with UT in BIG12, Clem loses to SC, Oregon loses to Utah (who loses to Wash in reg season) in PAC12 title game, and then BOOM 3 SEC teams in playoffs..haha it could happen too
There are just a lot of fans who would like to see other teams besides bama, Clemson, OSU, and OU in the playoffs. Those 4 programs account for 14 of the 20 playoff spots since the CFP started. Not saying they didn’t deserve those spots, but college football as a whole is more exciting if more teams are involved I think....something interesting too, no #1 seed has ever won the playoffs, or a #3 seed either....
This guy is just trying to keep Midwest football relevant
Mostly eye test I guess(not convinced AUB’s that good yet] could go UF, AU, UGA, and ND and I would be ok with that. Anything other than having ND the highest ranked of the bunch...based on head to head and quality of loss it should be UF, AU, UGA, ND...
Could be a night game on CBS, they have an option of doing 2 SEC games like 2 times a year I think...only other good game that week is Mizzu at UGA, so it’s possible, otherwise it’s gonna be at 230p.
I would go UF 8, UGA 9, ND 10, AUB 11
Yup, kind of like LSU in 2011. You beat 8 ranked teams during the reg season, your Bama again...stupid. Oh and y’all beat Oregon to start the season that year...weird ..if y’all would have beat bama again would have been one of the greatest seasons ever!
This is a bad idea just from a regulation standpoint alone. It will be impossible to decipher which athlete is getting paid for his/her likeness and which ones are just getting straight game checks from deep pocketed boosters. What they need to do is just let a kid go pro whenever he wants too. If it’s right out of high school and he thinks he will get drafted fine, but if not, tough luck son, should have gone to college. To tell someone they can’t go make money off their million dollar skill set is absurd. The NFL doesn’t want that bc they don’t want to babysit 18 and 19 year olds, well tough $#*! NFL, y’all are the only league without a minor league system and have been using the SEC, ACC, BIG12, PAC12, BIG10 as your minor league system forever at no cost. Its especially absurd for RBs with only so many carriers in their body and wasting them in college and on rookie contracts.
Because Auburn plays @Florida this week...
“6. Florida: A tuneup with Towson (Towson!) before Gators get the first crack at solving the new puzzle that is the LSU offense.”....they play Auburn after Towson before LSU, but I guess that’s no big deal....