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Just so that we don’t let a silly think like facts get in the way… Alabama since Gene Stallings in 1990 has had 6 HC Auburn since Terry Bowden in 1993 has had 5 HC This is not counting interim HCs. People forget that before Saban, Alabama was as big a mess as Auburn, rolling through DuBose, Franchione, Price, and Shula in the span of 9 years…it just takes 1 great HC hire to turn a program around…although in this day and age a coach staying at a school longer than 5 years is almost nonexistent even if somewhat successful.
Even with the UT loss, I think them A&M and Arkansas have best shots at advancing….Auburn has the toughest series with the the tough travel across the country…the Mississippi World Series is going to be the most fun series to watch.
What do you suggest for the Auburn 10pm eastern start? 5hr energy drink at like 7pm followed by whiskey neat and a cigar at first pitch is what I am thinking…’s just as bad as trying to stay up for Monday Night football, at least it’s a Saturday night….
Auburn dude throws a bullet for the final out to preserve a 1 run lead on the road and its only
Michigan was preseason #6!! it's not like this was some no-name Cinderella team, they have major college talent and played slightly better than UT tonight. The NCAA basketball tournament IMHO is the toughest national title of the big 3 college sports to win. I still think UT is easly one of the best 16 teams in the country but the bracket said otherwise...Barnes is still a great coach and UT would be crazy to think anything different. I wish the SEC would have done better because these perceptions carryover to the next season as much as people like to say they dont...Good luck to ARK and AUB, hopefully they can make deep runs and keep the SEC flag flying.
I read your comment and an image of Freddie in dodger blue came to my head and I immediately got sick to my stomach….any other team but the freaking Dodgers!!…it will make it that much sweeter when we beat them AGAIN in October!! Still haven’t decided if I can bring myself to go to the games in late June vs them….
Auburn and Alabama don’t even play each other this year in softball? How is that even possible?! Is there any other sport where this also happens? Crazy.
they were the number 1 2seed so they conceivable should have the easiest 2seed path...I will agree though that it is the easiest for sure on paper...if Auburn doesn't shoot themselves out of the game they SHOULD get to the Elite8 based on matchups and talent...but it's the tourny so who knows...
The best thing Auburn has going for them besides the weakest region(and Auburn was 2.1 so they should have the easiest path for a 2) is that they are potentially playing teams all for the first time....I expect all the SEC teams to do well bc of this...if the guards can just play DECENT not even great they make it to the Elite8...go 3-25 from the 3 and they could be bounced early...Kessler will be a problem for the first 3 teams Auburn could play....the biggest misses where A&M being left out and UT not getting a 2 seed...
I can't really comment on any other team in an educated way other than Auburn....Auburn's problem has been their halfcourt sets and taking care of the ball. When they were wining 18,19 games in a row they took care of the ball for the most part and were running a good half court offense. Now if you get back on defense and force them into a half court offense it's been terrible. The unforced TOs have got to stop, all these teams play tough defense so TOs are going to happen but it can't be the cross-court heave into the stands they've been doing...I think the Top 4 are a clear cut above the rest and the SEC records prove this...ARK is playing lights out. I will say this talk about AU peaking too early is nonsense...Auburn lost some of their toughest road games which were clumped together just like every other team in the SEC has throughout the year. UT lost @Bama, @UK, @LSU, @Ark ARK lost @MissSt, @A&M, @Bama UK lost @LSU, @AUB, @UT, @ARK road woes?? everyone has road woes!
Could be the highest level baseball we see this year….might get even more popular….sad.
Want to get rid of a coach? Auburn fans say, "hold my beer, watch this..."
Penny seems to be a little more chill for the time being...I know he got testie with some reporters earlier but what coach doesn't? I think these guys who just jumped into high level coaching from NBA/playing careers are realizing its not as easy as they thought it might be. I'm sure they didn't think it would be easy, and the 2 of them can clearly recruit but that's like 1/2 the game in college. That's just like my opinion, man...the dude.
I am all for coaches not having to be best friends with each other and for the handshake line to be a little cold/chippy but come on, throwing a punch as a coach is not a good look. Throwing a punch as a PLAYER is rarely a good look, although if I was that Duke player that got undercut on that dunk I would have for sure been throwing some haymakers!
Good win Gators...Castleton is one of the few bigs this year to give Kessler trouble this year, and he has done it TWICE. Auburn couldn't get a shot of before the closing seconds of the first half and then in a potential game winning scenario the exact same thing happened at the end at the game. I have been saying for the last week that Auburns half court offense has to get better and this game just proved this tenfold. Road games are tough no doubt but a team this talented should be able to go in and win that game. If I were Bruce I would be having a long tough talk with my guards about distribution of the ball and careless turnovers with the whole team..If Auburn doesn't just flat out throw the ball into the STANDS 4 times less they have a good chance of winning this game. Luckily they have time to fix it but they are not trending in the right direction right now. UK, UT, and Arkansas are better favorites for the SEC tourny right now in my eyes. I love this team but if they don't fix some things it could be a quick exit in both SEC and NCAAs...
geographically speaking Bham is one of the most centrally located locations to all SEC schools. College Station, Columbia, MO and Gainesville are going to be the furthest from almost any location centrally picked...other options being Nashville(great), Memphis(terrible, but nice AAA stadium)...not sure what you could do other than having 3 sites you rotate between.
I would love for any SEC team to punk them AGAIN, yes they already lost to SEC #5/6 team! Obviously I would love it if it's Auburn in the NC game...
They are at best #1, at worst a top 5 team. No problem with them being #1…Auburn just needs to keep getting better in the half court sets, if the other team scores they are having trouble lately getting a good look, and those good look 3s need to start falling more. At this point it’s about winning the reg SEC, SEC tourney, and getting a 1 seed. Auburn, UK, UT, Arkansas, LSU, and Bama should be solid locks for NCAA right now. If Auburn wins SEC tourney they will be #1….I think if it’s UK an Auburn in sec finals both could/should be #1 seeds.
they never will. The SEC is essentially AAA for the NFL. The NFL saves millions!! of dollars a year not having to run and pay for a minor league system. If they did they would just go to the players union and say hey, it's coming out of yalls paycheck too. Which they will always turn down. They get 3 years of minor league ball in the SEC, Big10, Big12 and the likes and get to weed out the high school busts without having to spend a dime. The NFL has the weakest players union in pro sports and the weakest contracts to match as a whole. Sure the top guys get paid, but nothing like the MLB or NBA when it comes to second tier players. NFL also only league that doesn't have guaranteed contracts in the same way MLB and NBA do...
Any team that has that Oscar dude is not going to bad a rebounding, funny how stats can paint whatever picture you want for the moment. W-Ls still the best stat line there is, at the end of the night does anything else really matter?
No I wouldn't say that at reason even without Zep that Auburn shouldn't have won that game by 15...they were up that much in the first half and cruising and then they seemed to get a little too loose and had to battle down the stretch. But you show me a team that is on a 19 game win streak that hasn't had to pull out some close games, especially on the road. I would be totally fine with a loss at some point before the tourny to refocus this team. No way this team has peaked, I would argue they haven't even played their best game yet. Too many TOs in some, bad FT shooting in others, and terrible 3pt shooting in a lot. Tonight will be a huge test and the Auburn players know it, so I fully expect them to bring their A game...that still might be a loss but we will find out alot about both teams. WDE.
this will be Auburn's toughest road game to date by far...looking forward to a good game. I wouldn't read to much into Auburns struggles at Mizzu and at UGA, they will be pumped and ready for this game.
I would add Arizona to the list as well, they have a team with a lot of length that fit exactly what you described above…2 seven-footers and a 6’11 guy that all play all their frontcourt minutes not to mention very big guards….
Not all players reach their potential under one certain style of coaching, imho the best coaches fine a way to reach each kid on different levels…some need the hard-nose coach who drives them into the ground, some need the coach who lifts them up with confidence and tells them how great they can be…I’ve seen both, and the best adjust their style to the individual needs of the players…my way or the highway gets rid of too many players who could be stars in the right environment. Harsin from what I’ve heard is very difficult to work with and there is a big cultural divide amongst the staff, players, university officials, and fans with him…it’s all hearsay at this point but the noise is getting really loud.
They’re not “my” numbers…I was just referring to a website that puts a valuation to each signees NIL value…I initially thought it was ACTUAL NIL deals but it appears not….if there is a site that shows actual NIL deals I would love to see it, if anyone knows of such a site please share(being serious, not sarcastic).
So I just researched it a LITTLE bit, and it’s a valuation not an actual number in terms of deals actually done….still interesting…looks like Rattler is why SC is so high.
For what it’s worth does a ranking with Avg NIL also…..A&M was 2nd in the SEC behind…..South Carolina(22 commits avg $61k). A&M was at 29 commits avg $59k, those 2 were significantly higher than anyone else…I have no idea where they get their data from or if it’s accurate…I am sure as this thing, NIL, gets going more and more sites will track this sort of thing. That will be as interesting as overall recruiting rankings if not more…
Ark playing good ball right now but man their last 8 games are brutal, no scheduling favors there….dropping those first 3 in conference really put them behind the 8ball. They should win vs UGA, Miss st, and mizzu, but the rest of their games could go either way…good way to look at is they could move up the seeding lines in a big way with a strong finish.