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If Bo Nix plays like he did against ARK then Auburn has an outside chance at being SEC #3...very tough games ahead still vs Ole Miss, @A&M, and vs Bama...this team is also not good enough to over look Miss St or SC on the road...but they are playing as well as I could hope with only 2 respectable losses. Lots of games left for everyone and I expect more shuffling for #3-11 in the coming weeks.
Nix passed Cam Newton on Auburn all time passing TD list with his 60th? Huh? In 1 year Newton had 30 passing and 20 rushing TDs…Glenn Sattell what are you TRYING to say here?
If we are talking about what matters to these programs, national championships, Auburn has won one WAY WAY more recently then UGA, and has been just as close as UGA has in the last 10 years. UGA has it rolling right now and been more consistent yes, but it hasn't played for a Natty anymore than Auburn has is all I am saying. For these programs and fan bases anything but a Championship game or a Title doesn't really matter, the rest is just noise.
Fine by me...totally out of relevancy? Played for 2 other SEC titles in that span, won 1, and another national title game appearance is hardly irrelevant. Auburn fans ride a roller coaster and I am fine with that because the top of the ride is usually really really awesome. Since 2010 Auburn has appeared in 2 CFB championships, how many has Georgia played in(BCS and CFP era)? 1
61-56-8 is hardly one-sided...UGA has it going right now, but I wouldn't trade it for the 2010 Natty. Would you? Auburn has beat a Saban lead Bama team 5 many has Georgia won?? I will save you the trouble, 1.
Agreed! this feels like a 20-14 game...either way...offensive explosion and its 24-20...Point spread betting is so freaking tough...I think ATS in the NFL has to be the toughest.
This guy is 18-31! against the spread...I hope nobody is taking these predicted scores seriously...40-12 is good straight-up, but that includes a TON of non-conference games my grandma could pick the winner in. That being said: Bama UGA Ole Miss UT Mizzu UF UK of note* only Bama and UGA win on the road this weekend I think. Road games are extremely tough in the SEC.
That would make the new SEC 8 out of the top 16 to answer your question, and yes, 11 out of the Top25. They better make these new pods, divisions, or whatever even...because 6 of the Top21 are in SEC West...2 are in the East, 3 are in the East if you go to UK at #23. I'm just saying as an Auburn fan and all, we could win 9-10 games every year just about in the East which alone would create huge program momentum and equal even higher win totals down the line...SC, Vandy, Mizzu, 3 easy non-conference wins, shoot that's 6 wins already. UT and UK at home are wins most years recently(split maybe). Keep Bama and UGA on the schedule, ok loses, 1 toss up non conference(we have won alot of those)..whats that 9 wins, then the cross-over game in the west, maybe a win there depending on the year, 10...and the bowl game maybe 11....UF and UGA don't know how good they have it right now...I have said it before but have Auburn play UGAs schedule and it's a 9 or 10 win year(keep the home road games as is) and people are talking alot differently about the Auburn Tigers. SEC West is the toughest division in college football and it ain't even close! BIG10 East some say with OSU, PSU, Mich, Mich St...well Rutgers, Maryland, and Indiana are all in that division too, vs the bottom 3 west teams according to this ranking being Miss St, A&M, and yeah no.
OU is #6, not surprising, but somehow Texas is #12! According to the methodology of the rankings that means there are only 11 teams in the country that UT would be dogs too on a neutral field this weekend, hard to believe...
I still think we need to beat Ole Miss at home and split the road series b/w ARK and A&M, win the others we should and that's 8-4...we play well then 9-3 is in the cards bad play its probably 7-5. The 3 game stretch of @Ark, vs Ole Miss, and @A&M will make or break our season. Just FYI Auburn has the #1 ranked remaining SOS so ALOT of teams would struggle with this schedule.
Dude, do a little digging/internet search. Disney is WAY WAY WAY more than just theme parks...Ever heard of a little billion dollar franchise called The Avengers? And that's just 1...
Kind of like when Kentucky loses to(insert ANY SEC basketball team)...just like Kentucky is on the SEC mountain top for bball because of decades of excellence spanning multiple coaches, so are other SEC football programs. UK has a solid football team and program right now with Stoops, but until they play for or win multiple nattys, the Bama, LSU, Florida, Auburn, and UGA's of the world will always look down on a loss to UK for right or wrong...just like when my Auburn tigers beat UK in basketball its a huge deal no matter the current state of each teams strength.
True they are, but a loss this weekend at UK and the wheels will really start to come off I think…not to say they couldn’t beat anyone on a given weekend but the noise that will be coming out of BR if they lose to UK will be LOUD. As an Auburn fan I can speak of this from first hand experience…unfortunately…
Agreed. as long as Kentucky keeps winning they lots and lots to play for, even 1 SEC loss and the wheels won’t come of because they are playing to have one of the best seasons in UK history, I don’t think Stoops knows how or the players know how to “over-look” an opponent. UK has a very favorable schedule if they win this weekend against LSU(which I think they will) outside of @UGA…11-1 is a real possibility…only other toss up game is on the road to Miss St bc it’s on the road…Lville is a rivalry game on the road and last game so they will jacked for that game…UK 11-1 and best season in UK history.
8-4 has to be the goal now....7-5 is very possible and wouldn't be perceived as disappointing depending on the play on the field. 3-1 with the UGA, ARK, Ole Miss, A&M stretch would be fantastic. Unfortunately it's the SEC West and you can't look past ANY team. We don't have the luxury of a Vandy and Mizzu and SC(to an extent) to pad our win total every year. The bottom West team would be the favorite in all those games(especially at home) IMHO.
Auburn has a brutal stretch right now, UGA, ARK, Ole Miss, A&M...the most winnable game in that is actually the road game @ A&M it seems like right now...The West is week to week for the #2 spot. If Nix can play well and his receivers actually catch the ball we have a chance in 3 of the 4...Just hoping to keep the UGA game close at home which is a big help. Auburn had the 2nd hardest FBS schedule coming into the season and nothing has changed...8-4 would be real solid with this schedule...9-3 or 7-5 just as possible.
That predicted score of Auburn 28 LSU 26 tells me SP+ has know idea what to make of that game...and that seems pretty accurate to me...Auburn hasn't won in BR since 1999, I hope that ends, but have no clue what to expect from either team.
We have had this discussion for years, and you could make a case for each…if you are talking best “college athlete” it’s Bo or Herschel in a landslide based on what they did in their “other” sports too. Just football, Tebow, Bo, and Herschel are in the Top5 for sure.
I was expecting 20,000 at the game and like 14,000 beers the $7 price tag that would be just shy of $100k...sad turn out for such a great promotion
got to give some credit to Bama because their future nonconference schedule has games vs Wisconsin, FL St(they suck now but who knew), West Virginia, Texas, and Ohio State...thats the ones I know about...
Auburn played all 3 in, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, and 2017...they did if for one year? ok...
Thanks for sharing that you will continue sucking forever…oh and you forgot the apostrophe….
I want to say the SEC is like 52-37 vs the BIG10 so yeah that's pretty good for the SEC...but yeah go ahead and celebrate this win it was a great game...I was alive the last time Auburn won a Natty...can you say the same about PSU?
Smoke does not represent most Auburn fans, please don't let that be your barometer...and he will come back with how MSU lost to 3.2.1...
PSU fans saying the same thing...Wonder if it will be Big10 refs when they come to our house next to give it up to Auburn scheduling though, they aren't scared to play anyone anywhere...Clemson in 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, top 20 @Kansas St 2014, Washington #6 2018, Oregon #11 2019...and this home and home with PSU...I could give 2 you know what's about Al St and Akron games.
Bo didn't necessarily lose the game but he certainly didn't win it either...that 4th and goal call?! Are you serious? We could have run the entire game, 3 yards and a cloud of dust style and done better...not sure I would make the switch on QB but Auburn is only going to win the home games we should and lose most road games...until Bo and this team proves otherwise, that's the narrative.
Not sure your logic behind this? USC has to win 2 or maybe 3(if you count ND every year) tough games a year, other than that, when USC is good they cruise through their other games to a 10 win season every year….Ole miss has to split the games against Bama, LSU, A&M, Auburn every year just to get to 10 wins, not to mention the Egg Bowl and whatever East teams they get…10 wins for ANY team in the SEC West is a huge accomplishment and has been for the last decade.
While I think Franklin is great and has a track record of winning in tough situations, why leave Penn State? It’s not like it’s some lower tier BIG10 team, they pack 100,000 plus every game with a ton of support. Recruiting is probably harder at PSU than SC would be, but no one has consistently recruited well at SC since the Carrol days, and that was ancient history in the eyes of high schoolers these days…I think SC will have to pull in someone from a non upper tier P5 program, Group of 5, or someone with ties to the university…
If Auburn beats Penn St this weekend the West will on paper appear to be the deepest its been in years...if every West team wins this weekend you could see all 7 ranked in the Top 25(LSU being the last to get ranked IMHO although Miss St not getting much love) my opinion based on play and who they've played 1.bama 2.ole miss 3. Ark 4. A&M 5. Aub 6. Miss St 7. LSU Miss St could have 2 nice wins over NC St and Memphis. Assuming everyone wins this weekend. 1. Bama 2. Aub 3. Ole Miss 4. A&M 5. Ark 6. Miss St 7. LSU the eye test this weekend would determine 3-6 greatly...Bama and Auburn would own the best road wins.
History has proven Baton Rouge a very tough place for Auburn teams to win. Were you even alive the last time Auburn won @LSU?? It was 1999 by the way...