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No, everything didn't go right. They earned the KSU and UF wins. Mizzou had 2 horrific interception which prevented an undefeated season. How often do you see an interception to a nose guard?
Of course the SEC scheduled cupcake schools in the past. Most were small, southern schools who needed the million dollar+ payout. Those schools depended on that money and lobbied to play those games. The SEC school would also routinely pay travel and lodging so those schools took back the max amount to their athletic department.
ETN looks like the exact Schrader replacement, but with more speed. And Drink is not afraid to make you his feature running back. I'm thinking Mizzou will be a player here.
The real problem is Jordan Elliot came out of nowhere as the backup to Norfleet and also a solid blocking TE. That's 2 Freshmen in the way.
Georgia wins because they have the absolute best coaches at making halftime adjustments. I'm a Mizzou fan, but there is no denying UGA does a hell of a job with adjustments.
What's funny about this is a coach signs a contract and is expected to get results. And when he even sniffs success we want to do a new contract. All Drink has done is fulfill his original contract, why are we talking a new one?
Drinkwitz doesn't do this, it's the media department. They did the UK, Kroger receipt last week. Just kids having fun with technology.
Burden is a great player but the real secret sauce is that Johnson is a deep threat, Wease runs good short to intermediate routes and Miller covers short routes. Defenses can't focus on Burden so he always gets the ball in space. Drink has a killer WR room.
WTF is with you people? Everything has to be race, frigging snowflakes. Always looking for the easy, dumbest narrative. Simple minded pukes.
It wasn't because of the OL's performance. There was friction there. Houston fans want the HC gone. It's weird because they haven't sucked. Even at his last press conference he was asked about his "hot seat." I think coach Jones was sacrificed. It's stupid but it happens. OU sacrificed Heupal back in the day, that's how we got him from Utah State. Now look at him.
Nah, he's built for the "STAR" position on defense. Most schools do t have that hybrid position so he wouldn't be a good fit. Also it's becoming a NFL trend. Martez Manual has played the position to a possible NFL prospect.
I thought it was clever, but I also spent time in the USMC.
It has the postal barcode running underneath the address. Its a small card, they can go through without the stamp cancel.