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I have a feeling that this poor ol’ dead horse is going to be beat to a pulp…. Sds bloggers, creative geniuses? Nah
FYI, that is not intended as disrespect to the amazing men and women of the Arizona. I’d take 5 of them over 15k Gwhites. They were built differently, and I hold them in the highest regard.
Does the world need 2 negans? This douche is so out of lane and direction, he couldn’t hit water if he he boarded the USS Arizona. I bet with persuasion and and 7 dollars NIL, he could be a GA, or Tiguh fan. Any takers, sweet deal here….
No, you came back from hiding. You run your moneymaker about every sport Tennessee offers, then disappear when it blows up in your face. Quit talking Tennessee, most of us real fans have no use for you. You are our Negan, I wonder what it would take to get both of you mailed to Somalia?
Is his name shaedon or Shidon Teammates?
Definitely my mistake, golf ball, possibly a coke can, maybe a Dasani bottle, toss in a bat flip and I think all is covered.
Lord, only a Georgia fan. Talking about a QBs endowment and farm animals in the same post. I guess Tdowns got the goats legs out of his boots long enough to type this. Can’t make this stuff up, there is Tdowns and Negan. I’ll save the yappers the trouble, 1998, hillbilly, and mustard.
ATM and hungerstrike U found common ground, hatred for those representing the conference they’re in. Bow out, it’s obviously not good for the mental well-being of the fan base. Not enough love. #metoo
I understand that you need to live vicariously, but just know that we all love you for who you are. Being the recipient is ok, you’ll grow in to the mens role over time, one day you’ll be able to give instead of receiving.
He’s an auburn fan, closeted by the way. I suppose that is his safe space.
I bet you you were willam dafoes biggest fan, how many did you absorb last night? I bet you bumdocked a couple. Don’t speak on behalf of a fan base that you know nothing of, I grew up on the line by Huntsville, it was common hatred, but a respected dislike. You must be a Gen Z.
CPS called, they need a word with you. And que putting that in quotation marks….
Negan is dressed in drag right now listening to Madonna. If negans mom had as may sticking out of her as she’s had stuck in her, she’d look like a porcupine.
These are SDS bloggers, no one with stature or clout would waste their time with them.
The only think Negan is scared of, het€ros€xu@lity.
6’2” 190lbs, 5 o’clock shadow, looks like negans mom….
Kind of like you, Negan. You don’t have a place on SDS…
Next article up from Adam ‘Nick Saban drops a pants size, find out his breakthrough secret for weigh loss after 70.’
It’s all very clear now, kirky and Negan are the same person. When Negan gets his little feelings hurt and he’s in the corner rocking himself to pacify, his alter ego kirky comes out to his defense. Negan is the submissive little internet b!t(h and kirky is the defensive keyboard tough guy. Unfortunately it only works for them online because in reality he’d get slapped around like a little b!+ch.
Unfortunately it’s not the coaches that need to move on, it’s the media milking this tabloid cash cow. Journalists wonder why respect for their profession is nearly nonexistent. They are basically junior high gossip queens making a few bucks off recycling the same old garbage that the rest of their peers are.
Shhhh, not too loud, you’re not supposed to know that.
Negan calling others stupid? You’re the only person that would score negative on an IQ test.
Why don’t you shut the he!! up, people don’t come here to read about politics. Go pick up your mom from the pilot and get her home to shower off all the love fluid. Then play the game called ‘swallow as many potassium pills you can in 10 minutes.’ You sir are an oxygen thief.
Just like all the men who liberated themselves with your mom.
Negan, If ret@rded is contagious, well, all of us on sds are fu cked.
The only things that lines up are the johns visiting your mom. Go powder up her saddlebag and get to bed.
How tanner is still gainfully employed is puzzling. He’s botched nearly every hire and held on to dead weight for far too long. The Beamer hire looks promising, but for the most part, I think tanner is the root of all problems.
Why don’t you get back to beating negans meat
Maybe their teams should just settle it on the field…Let primetimes crew play the big boys