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Queen dips!t, you’re an idiot and portray your self with an underserved sense of entitlement, you really do take advantage of rocking the stupid persona. At least the other UGA trolls actually troll, I don’t know what you do, I guess your writing a fictional novel or something with all the sh!t you’re spewing, And please next time proofread, I’m worried you are having a stroke every time I read your garbage. Arkansas_vol (see anyone can do it)
I completely agree, I also don’t think Bentley even belongs on this list. He just way too inconsistent, the guy has been a rollercoaster of consistency for the gamecocks.
He’s a troll, he spouts nonsense to get a rise out of others. Don’t buy in to it
It would be disappointing for Mizzou to have an incredible season but unable to participate in the postseason, that would just add insult to injury from the ncaa.
@ douche, did you accidentally post under your alternate username? Y’all are absolutely pathetic
It’s actually quite comical that your life is so meaningless that you have to continuously beat the proverbial dead horse. I’m glad you’ve found your happiness in redundancy. Pitiful
It’s name brand and people having a hard on for Scott frost
I’m so sick of this format, SDS needs to ask for a refund. This site continuously gets worse.
Look at this, now Tennessee has its own brand new troll.
Notice how everyone stops posting when you start spewing your dumb sh!t? How’s louisvilles offense going to be?
And you said it, “your therapist.” God knows you need one. UGA mascot.
I don’t think that UGAs collapse both times against Bama can be credited to offensive scheme. Bama put a different QB in both times they faced, and UGAs defense couldn’t adapt to it. So, I believe the blame should fall more on the DC than the OC. In both instances it was the defenses inability to stop the new signal caller. Both matchups were defensive failures in my opinion, but take it for what it’s worth. The whole “we didn’t beat Bama because of Chaney” argument doesn’t hold water.
Yep, I’ve noticed that too. The trolls have gave the UGA posters a bad wrap. Even though it’s obvious who the good ones are. There’s hardly football talk anymore, it’s just the constant, same old tired drivel. It’s either dumb UGA trolls talking about Mullen, or Paris and his man crush on LSUMC.
Well nothing has went UGAs way, all those 5 stars and no natty. The natty is like a desert mirage, seems right in reach and then poof it was just a figment of their imagination.
Is it lonely up there? On your make believe pedestal you’ve put yourself on? Queen, don’t be a b!tch, grammar isn’t hard, you can beat it.
Way too many incomprehensible errors. Stop typing you’re coming off stupid queen vegan.
Better looking players? You don’t watch football for the sport do you? I bet you wish you could be Fromms hands just waiting on the snap.
I’m going to type some long drawn out bs like negan................... ............. ................... ...................... arkansas_vol I bet mine makes more sense.
I’d almost go out on a limb and say the UGA posters are nearly as whiny as Mizzou posters.
Agreed sometimes it’s best to leave Pandora’s box closed.
Make sure you keep ending all your rants with your username. I mean it’s not like it’s at the top of your post or anything. Douche
Maybe they just want to play for a coach who will get them into the NFL to make the huge payday. Look at the copious amount of player that went on to the next level via Alabama.
How does the sissy bar on petrinos motorcycle feel? I bet you’ve had your hands all over his saddle bags.
I completely agree. The format is terrible and I’ll be done with sds until it changes, I am on a phone because where I live there is no accessible internet unless I get hughesnet, and I won’t ever do that again. Whatever sds thought they improved just made this site a clusterf..k to navigate.
Congratulations Mizzou, you beat Arkansas. Here’s your button. Now can you just shut up about the east/ west. You talk too much and don’t say enough.