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I find it comical, your first comment was grammatically correct, then you correct yourself with the wrong verb. Leave it to this guy...
I see your mother gave you the keyboard privileges back. Eat your hot pocket, play your video game and quit acting like you know sh!t about football. In other words, shut the F up queen!!
Is there some logic attached to your rant?
What if the fellow had an autistic child, or close relative?It’s not pc bs, I have an autistic cousin (by marriage) that I would do anything for. Someone calls him a retard then I’m going to throw hands. For what this jackass is paid he should know better than to say that crap
Congratulations to both UGA and LSU, even though the Georgia trolls over the season has been annoying, as a UT fan I have no reason to knock them for making it where we couldn’t. A lot of ignorance out there tonight. LSU is the real deal, I’m glad we didn’t play them this year. Now finish it and geaux bring the sec another natty.
Remember that time a ranked auburn team got beat at home by an unranked 2 win Tennessee team? Good times
If Alabama doesn’t deserve to be mentioned then why should UGA? Did you forget about South Carolina? If LSU drops 2 to arky, ole miss, or A&M Bama goes to Atlanta, which is highly doubtful. You sound the smartest when you don’t speak.
Great game! Some real boneheaded penalties though.
Well bill.....I’m going to say you’re more pathetic. Wouldn’t normally take a gators fans side, but in this particular quarrel the gator has more class. I guess getting beat by lowly Tennessee really balled up your panties. Therapy might help.
You have literally been hung up on this crap for nearly a year. Seriously, drop it, you’re coming off as a whiny little b!tch. Do you think your ignorant comments are going to change anything? Really??
Is FSU the Tennessee of the ACC? Hopefully we can right the ship, but FSU is taking on water quickly.
Paris, shouldn’t you be checking up on your cardinals? This article and comment section doe not need you or your cynicism. We all know you’re a UK troll
He’s just insecure, the incessant whining and overblown bs and “never wrong” predictions make him feel like a man. He’s got an inny not an outty, not referring to his belly button either.
Reading is fundamental dumba$$. I bet you fart in the bathtub and bite the bubbles
^^ fresh off the tit. Still has milk around his mouth
Does it occur to you that people don’t want to read your long drawn out bs? May you lose connection to the internet and never post on sds again. In Christ name I pray, amen. arkansas_vol
Unlike the team we fielded today I’m not soft, ashamed and disappointed in what was displayed today. Good luck to the rest of the sec.
Enough with the Michigan hype. I just don’t see them in the playoff.
Replying to yourself? You are the epitome of dumba$$. Way too many lead based paint chips as a kid.