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I’d love to have him back next year, but he’s better off to just declare with those kind of numbers, and the season to go with it. I won’t be surprised if he declares. Best of luck to him
I’m glad there is no direct interaction with this guy, he just likes to hear himself talk. He talks too much and doesn’t say enough
Adam is a joke, kind of how these “writers?” Are riding the UF UGA rivalry as clickbait, it’ll go on for weeks
Oh thank you ugarmy, you made my day by being the uncomprehending idiot. I was responding to vibratorshelly and of course the high and might Uga fan shows up and makes himself look like a complete moron.
This guy is just a butt hurt Mizzou fan, anything that doesn’t directly promote or blow sunshine up his ass about Mizzou then he gets his maxi wadded up. Read his history, if it’s not a positive Mizzou spin he starts crying. And stay tuned, let’s see his reply
There’s 3 sides to every story. His side, her side, and the truth.
What?? Are you high? Mullen is not making a conscious decision for these kids to decommit. Good lord man, what is wrong with you?
Typical Mizzou fan whining because they don’t get all the preseason hype. Get over yourself and let the season play out, he may tank under Odom, or he may show star status. He’s an unknown for Mizzou right now.
Well if said two teams are in the same division and team A wins out in their division and loses 2 out of division, then team b would have one divisional loss, which would be to team A. So team a would be divisional winner. Out of division games don’t determine the division champions.
So TN didn’t sustain injuries? Our OL was a complete patchwork of epic proportions, but JG had 207 passing yards 0 interceptions, compared to Bentley who had 152 and1 interception. Keep going bud, y’all won because of crap D-line play, Bentley is garbage, 3 year starter with absolutely no progression, and y’all know it, I was more concerned that your backup may play than Bentley.
I can’t believe you’ve been able to go this long without being dehydrated. Your mom is a saint, godsend, angel, or whatever for allowing you to breastfeed this long.
So for 3 years? 3 years before that it was Tennessee, the 3 years prior were SC, history suggests that this year wil roll to Tennessee. I’m not a fan of trends, just a fan of games. Tennessee lost no one of substance this year, somewhat like sc except for Deebo. Tennessee has talent as well as SC does, Guarantano is steadily improving, and Bentley is, well, still Bentley. Good luck, I have no hate for SC but I’m also a realist and know this years game is going to be a good one.
It’s ok to count probable wins before the season but don’t guarantee them. TN took y’all to the wire last year with a first year HC, I think this year TN may pull it off, and if I’m not mistaking it will be a home game for us. I know it will be a close game so don’t chalk it up as a definite win yet.
How’s the search for Kotex super plus going? Walgreens has a sale going on, go on darling the internet will be here when you get back. Quick question, were you the Mr. irrelevant In the special Ed kickball team selection?
I’d be more interested if the hogs would schedule ASU.
I think you could give Guarantano the “grit” nod as well, kid takes a beating and keeps going.
Hmmmm maybe because you’re a Louisville fan jackass, posing as a UK fan just to spout out nonsense that is negative towards UK.
This is Paris we are talking about, he doesn’t understand basic grammar, spelling, or insults. He believes following around LSUMC like he’s in heat is somehow insulting to him, when it’s actually embarrassing for Paris, sad, and pathetic. If you could get pregnant over the internet LSUMC would already be knocked up, Paris definitely has the hots for him.
Did you mean to click on “Saturday on the east coast? How’s the Louisville program doing, Petrino coming back as an assistant, please keep us updated mr. acc.
“Not numerically based. isn’t riding.” Hate doing this on a phone
He is my favorite in the draft, no numerically based, but work ethic. This guy is riding the coattails of previous recruiting rankings and being “reflective,” of those rankings. This guy was an unknown body that made his presence felt on the field, he may have been a 2 star but his senior year those opposing quarterbacks did see stars. I hope this young man has a long and healthy career, he busted his ass for it and deserves it.
Do you know what is more fun than you could imagine paris10? Reading your posts and stumbling through your piss poor grammar and spelling. All you do is make yourself look like an uneducated tool that has a hard-on for lsumc. Please keep it up, it’s what we expect from a sh!tty Louisville fan.
It’s paris10isaf& Address: 123 go f&ck yourself blvd
Maybe you should go on a hunger strike, or refuse oxygen. Either is fine with me
You know what would be truly amazing? For you to no longer have internet access! It’s childish and pathetic to stalk someone on internet just because they called you exactly what you are.
He could’ve just congratulated, took ownership, and made a statement about progressing as a team. But instead says “we could’ve won the game.” Nope sorry John, auburn could’ve and did win the game. Classless, give credit where it is due.