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actually no, have you heard of vanderbilt? Harrison has nfl potential. Also please don't call people that.
Welp, guess we got a competent AD and HC to lead us in the right direction.
We're in better condition then yall, sorry but we'll beat you by at least 30 or 40 this year. Eric left because of we are rebuilding. We aren't a dumpster fire thank you very much. You are in fact one yourself at vandy. Eric can start anywhere in the country in the right scheme. He knows that, and that's why he left. I'm not a baseball fan, but our baseball team is top 25 in the preseason poll, and was one of the top 15 teams last season before corona. I know of course you'll come back at me with "our baseball team is the best in the country" but whatever, Football and Basketball are the highest income sports for colleges and that's the ones we dominate you in. Thank you, have a great day.
@JRSR, Week 12, Arkansas at Alabama
I'm so tired of us being garbage. I've never seen us beat bama. It's a joy to be slightly competive in games. I just want to be a perinnial contenders so badly. I hope that this will work. Sounds good.
I think herman would be great, just don't know if he will accept it
bro chill, our program is a dumpster fire. We need a full rebuild, it's gonna be 4 or 5 years till we are relevant again. Lord willing we get a good coach. I hope we get herman really bad.
win the natty again? Y'all's last chip was 41 years Ago, 41, 41,41. Why would you say again.also, looks like yall got a qb, guess you need some luck to get beat by bama again?
he's not in a combo with someone. Henry is starting caliber wherever he goes. He has nfl superstar written all over him
kinda weird for people to be nice to us but ok. I've never seen Tennessee beat alabama in my life. It's rough but I'll always be a Tennessee fan. Also btw, this isn't about football but whatever; I am really excited about our basketball team. But of course in basketball we have to lose to bama and florida. Also bama, could yall's basketball chill! Your offense is insane! 60 in the first half?? Of course of all teams, bama is the best in the Sec basketball.
records at vandy that my literal mother could break. Harrison is a 5 star Qb with way more potential then 3 star Ken Seals. I don't care how bad Tennessee looks rn, we still have so much more potential than yall. Also would you please never complain as a vandy fan with your qb being on a winless team with players quitting so you can't even make a full college football team to play georgia. Your team was so bad that you had to become WOKE and bring a female "player" onto the "team". I'd like to see her line up a OLB and blow up Eric Gray. Oh, guess she won't, because she's 6 foot 150 and Eric Gray is 6' 4" 210. BTW Vandy needs to go to a d2 conference to be mediocre at best if they can. They're an embarrasment to the SEC.
In case y'all didn't know, sarah fuller is in the NCAA Hall of Fame. I'm really at the point where i'm done with this garbage.
I don't know about D3, but trying a non-power 5 would be good for them. They are absolutley pitiful in everything but baseball.