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So I guess #18 Tulane bumps #12 Kansas State (or whomever is 12) and gets in the Playoff while the best #12 team gets to sit at home. How is this fair to them? If Tulane or any Group 5 team wants in the Playoff they need to be a legitimate top 12 team.
Fun fact: Ole Miss has never won the West Div. The last time they won the SEC - Nick Saben was 12 years old.
Heard UT has a Go Fund Me page to offset the cost of 70 ORANGE HELMENTS
Coach Bryant used “one heartbeat” in the 60’s. Coach Dye carried it to Auburn in the 80’s. Nothing original by Coach O.
You would think the B10 must take more PAC teams to give USC & UCLA some teams on the west coast to play. Football would not be a problem but what about the women's sports. The closet B10 school would be Nebraska. I think the B10 would poach Wash, Oreg & Stan and if they don't get Notre Dame maybe Cal.
Why would the SEC want Miami? They are a private institution. They have no on campus stadium. Nobody goes to their games. The #1 booster, Chris Ruiz, openly offers NIL money to sign with Miami. I don't know where Ruiz's money comes from but there are a lot of rumors. Florida may be OK with FSU but not Miami. I just don't understand why the SEC would want the headache that would come with Miami.
You are correct Volbeef88. Fastball offenses don’t produce good defenses. In a few seasons 48-45 will not be fun to watch by Vol fans.
Correction: UF 2pt try would have tied Ala. So technically, Florida almost tied Alabama
No troll but haven’t heard any mention. I understoodp Ole Miss team & staff was 100% vaccinated. I assume this includes the Head Coach. So did Kiffen get the virus AFTER he was vaccinated?
He didn’t receive death threats from Bama fans - they were from Rap fans.
In Middle School my friends & I used to throw toilet paper in trees. But even then we were smart enough NOT to throw toilet paper in our own trees.
So 49’ers gave 2 future #1’s to draft a guy that has thrown 300 passes in 2 years? He may turn out to be All-Pro but seems like a reach. Glad Mac went to NE.
It would be interesting to see the LSU committee if this were happening to Saban and Alabama