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No - there is an endless supply of stupid articles here, especially when no games are ongoing to write/guess about. How long will LK be at FAU? Who cares. Where will LK be in 2020? Who cares. How many games will FAU win by 2020? Who cares? Ad infinitum... Who cares?
BT - This has nothing to do with who you pull for at all. I respect fans from any school if they are either funny or insightful. And if you can't see humor in the silly article here about tires, heaven help you.
Considering they were 36-27 under their previous coach, it is an improvement. I wish him well, UGA fans threw away the best coach they ever had.
Well, he has video of three losses by Louisville - 2 of them quite embarrassing - to watch!
You are the most butthurt whiner in all of SDS. You are an embarrassment to all other Tide fans. Regardless of your age, you act like a 6-year-old. Unless you were at the press conference, you have no idea how this subject came up, but you still felt the need to jump in with a childish comment. Go ahead - attack me because I called you out. It will just reinforce what I am saying.
Looks like a good choice. Wish you guys well in all but one game! War Eagle!
Some grudges don't die. I guess this is one of those.
Unheard of for a coach to praise the next opponent!! Was that about the line against Florida?
Was that "someone" that eschewed the spread for years?
No Auburn fan said that. Only jealous UGA fans.
Nope, this is not a problem that needs solving. The problem is with anyone requiring conference champs to make the playoffs. We have numerous examples how that would leave out better teams. The divisions are out of balance now, but the pendulum will swing, One cannot predict SOS, even one year out, so any alternate planning of schedules will not be any better than chance.
Kiffin will probably "want" a lot of things that came easier when he was at Bama, UT, or USC. Most/many of them will not happen at FAU.
No Carl Lawson? The Football Writers placed him 1st team - but what do they know!
Probably be better off flipping a coin. More scientific.
No, Saban needed him gone. Too much baggage.
And coaching at FAU will not show if he is a good HC, either. He probably won't be there long enough, anyway.
Total ignorance. Try staying on subject - I know it is hard. This has nothing to do with Cam, but with Kiffin as a coach. Did you date him?
Just more LSU bashing and Bama promotion. Somehow I think the world, including LSU, will survive whatever happens. And I don't know that LSU was that serious about Kiffin, and the off-field baggage he carries. They were not competing with Bama for Kiffin - Kiffin was gone, regardless.
Oh yeah, we always judge a coach by their first (and only) year......
Well, that's not what a coach wants to read in the paper. Of course, this coach has read worse...........
Oh, I think there is enough verified fire under all that smoke around Kiffin to be a problem wherever he goes/stays, and that includes UAT. Saban does not want that in his program, IMHO.
How the "Strong" have fallen. Maybe he will do well there.
"dude" Really? LOL We don't worry about bama "dude". Just that school up north. You will see the AU offense play at least one more game next year - in the SECCG!
Not surprised but disappointed. Watson is the better all-around QB, but L'ville ran up the score (and stats) on weaker teams but lost three games - one badly to UH and one to UK!! We will see how AU does against 2 more Heisman nominees, having already barely lost to Watson's team!
Gee - if she has an issue with two different coaches, maybe it is not the coaches! Cheap shot, nonetheless.
Ummm- the reports have been bama has not extended nor renewed his contract. BTW - that "dynamic duo" thing is a hoot - you meant that sarcastically - didn't you?
Wrong. I could not care less where Kiffin goes. You don't speak for us.