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Wait a minute here... WE are delusional? Seriously? With your Bama mouths and Vandy trophy cases I believe you should stop casting stones. Kirby Richt is a great recruiter but dang man. When will he finally coach these 5 stars to the level you guys expect?
I still can't believe a grown man who cut off his own finger sitting in a folding chair would ever admit it. Let alone sue other people for it???
That is what 40 years of jealousy and disappointment will do to you. When all you know is to hate a team because they always get the last laugh every year for decades it is difficult not to become an obnoxious troll.
We hear you bro! Loud and clear. You really think we give a crap about your opinion.
Agreed. Many of our "fans" forget how much he developed in 2018. I've never seen another QB at that level make that much of a change. I think Dan wants him to go somewhere that he knows has the guys who can continue that growth.
Mullen develops QBs. He doesn't like putting them in positions where they can fail and negatively affect their growth. EJ will now have plenty of time under the system. Next year will tell the story. I fully expect his athleticism and running ability to win the job in the spring.
I'm still not so sure and obviously we will never know. Two different styles and capabilities. I am confident that Trask is the reason we beat Kentucky. Franks was struggling badly that game and his head was too full of showing the fans they were wrong. But I also think because of Frank's higher ceiling and athleticism we had a better chance of beating LSU and UGA. Either way, we had a great season and the future is bright for Gator Nation.
I agree! And he will do well if he is able to fully recover from his injury. He has so much raw talent and athleticism that he can make things happen. Our fanbase fell apart around him because of a few bad mistakes on the field but they seem to forget how many amazing things he did on the field. I wish him the best.
You can't really be a Gator fan if you are rooting for UGA.
The Gators had no business in the playoffs last year (or this year) and Im a Gator fan. However, the committee does seem to drop the hammer on SEC teams that lose to other highly ranked SEC teams by just a few points in a really good game.
Not a Bama fan but how in the world does losing 48-45 cost you all those spots? I'm a Gator fan who benefits from this and still don't understand.
Corch is like the Al Bundy of this site. Everyone just ignores him.
Justin Fields sure isn't struggling with his passing game. Just saying...
Your proved your point wrong with your own argument. LMAO. Burrow was terrible last year. Franks outperformed him.
Ah the proverbial UGAtroll has spoken. All hail the know-it-all!
And this guy is the punchline to the joke.
This guy is a joke. I would be embarrased if I was an UGA fan and saw how poorly he represents them.
Oh and enjoy another 2nd place trophy. Alabama mouth with a Vandy trophy case...that's UGA.
You do realize you barely beat a backup QB who hadn't been a starter since middle school with their top 2 defensive linemen injured correct? One catch that wasn't a catch and you would still be in the hole you were hiding in after USC, yes USC, spanked that butt. Lol
Every year there are three types of games. Games you should win, games you should have a good shot at winning and games you just hope your team performs well in and make it look competitive. As a Gator fan, I know from experience that Muschamp does well in coaching the games that you honestly weren't expecting to win but seems to fail at the ones that shouldn't be a loss. A&M is a good team but they didn't really come in lighting up the scoreboard. I thought USC had a chance.
Sad to see this. I know it isn't related to his ankle injury but I don't think he needed the "practice running the 2 minute drill".
Indefinite suspension waiting to see if charges are filed... That was a very expensive loss of control.
Imsp confused. Why are you guys blaming Rudolph for anything? If you are saying he instigated it that is ridiculous. The late hit driving him into the ground is what started the whole thing. Rudolph was defending himself. There is only 1 person who was wrong in this. The entirety of this incident rests on Garrett's shoulders.
Bama is clearly a better team than UGA. Imagine the negative the committee would be getting if Bama was in the top 4 right now. By putting them just outside, they are seeming unbiased. When LSU or someone else beats UGA then the path opens right back up.
Man please! You have to be kidding when you publish this trash. I am FAR from a Bama fan but the idea that Saban is the problem is nuts. The best team doesn't always win the game. Sometimes a team just makes too many mistakes to overcome.
Bama is so much better of a team than UGA it isn't even a legitimate conversation. LSU whips UGA by 30+.
He is absolutely terrible because of his bias. He picks a team before the game. If you like him you must be rooting for the same team he is.