I am a native of Atlanta Georgia, business owner, Married with one son. I am a lifelong Alabama fan as well. As a family we are very involved in sports, I have been all my life.

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But they did recruit him, right ? What happened? Doesn’t Kirby always get his man ? lol
You can absolutely count on the same thing for your club slick, UGA will not be immune to the portal like the delusional fans think, BTW Kirby will not sniff any of CNS’s records, count on that. RTR !
You really don’t know much about Football do you ? RTR !
Yes and why was that ? You guessed it right ! Bama, once again, beat y’all !
Dude, is there an LSU site ? You always seem to be here.
Yeah, that’s what LSU thought after they hired Nick Saban with no SEC experience and he proceeded to win a National Championship, real smart comment, which “didn’t end well”, good lord
It’s a good situation for all concerned, as always Coach Saban continues to be the professional that he is, RTR !
Wow, Alabama lives in that tiny head don’t they ? Get help man, you need it.
So good to know you have it under control, that does make me feel better….now get lost
You are exactly right, thank you. I think a lot of outsiders will be shocked at how full the cupboard is at Alabama next year, lots of returning talent and a really impressive coaching staff.
Perfect answer right there, I knew there were three 5star redshirts coming back at the edge position and Williams could be a generational player at WR. Haynes is also a returning 5 star who should be an upgrade. I don’t think a lot of folks realize just how full the “cupboard is at Bama.
Yet you are a UGA fan…interesting. That fan base seems incredibly focused on the Tide year in year out, it’s crazy
It goes without saying to me, if you are Bama fan it doesn’t matter who the coach is, it’s Alabama period. I’ve been a lifelong Alabama fan, literally and will always be, my Sonia the same way, no other choice.
Wow, anyone who can sit down write something like that because of their insecurity must be REALLY insecure and lonely, not to mention mentally ill, get some help Dude, you need it.
It’s truly amazing how “interested/ obsessed “ the UGA fans are in anything remotely involving UA, it’s sad really, like an old girlfriend who dumped them and they can’t get over the heartbreak. Y’all need to move on, if you can.
I’m certainly not upset with Greg, he’s great at what he does and he’s fair. He’s also not a “homer” at all, although coming from an LSU fan it sounds like a compliment. Greg is a rising star in sports journalism and is way over qualified for the job, hope he keeps doing what he does, total pro !
Coming from a UT fan that was “almost “ coherent. A couple things, there will never be another seventeen years agiain, not at UA, UGA, and most assuredly not at UT, nowhere in fact. Because you are a UT fan you are disrespectful to the great Nick Saban, but that’s par for the course. Bama will indeed still be Bama and most likely continue to dominate your Vols, RTR !
That’s exactly right my friend, I’m a life long Bama fan and I was not the year before Coach Bryant came in 1958, seen a lot of ups and downs, mostly ups but downs too. Doesn’t matter what happens I’ll always love the Tide. Your fellow Auburn “fan” sounds pretty dumb, if he really is a fan at all.
Coach DeBoer has more talent at his disposal than he ever has, both on the current roster and the future recruiting, the dude can coach and will win.
Do you mean like LSU missed the playoffs this year ? Y’all will miss the playoffs this year too.
Oh but I that he was coming for “T Rob” ! That’s funny as hell man, egg on Smart’s face !