I am a native of Atlanta Georgia, business owner, Married with one son. I am a lifelong Alabama fan as well. As a family we are very involved in sports, I have been all my life.

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Jeremy Pruitt is a better D coordinator than Smart, plan and simple…it’s just a fact. Sorry Bulldawg fans, the truth hurts, but there it is.
The UGA fan base is the most delusional I have ever seen, bar none…that’s saying something.
Yes, we’re sure, Saban has won three without the “great” Kirby Smart on staff and seven as HC.., come on man.
Sore loser, that’s UT, prepare to get that Orange ass kicked in Ttown next fall
That’s real cute leg humper , just last year that irrelevant team beat the hell out of the “Dawgs” in the SEC championship game and UGA is now 1-7 in the Saban era…
It really does what you or any other Bama fan wants, it’s not your decision now is it ?
Good point, RTR ! BTW I really like “Drink”
I think he’s maybe the best OC Saban’s had, but he did have a ton of talent to work with, still he was very good. There are HC’s and assistant’s he may be the later.
God UGA fans are such losers, brag, brag, brag and the program is only slightly above average historically. Cussing a kid is a bad look man, but then that’s how UGA fans roll.
Yes, great foresight for sure, how does the playoff committee make CNS “ look good” year after year, it’s uncanny
You can ALWAYS count on UGA fans for classless posts on an Alabama site, they are amazingly insecure about the Tide, and they should be.
“Dawgtime” is disgusting for sure, that post deserves a rebuke, just disgusting
Why don’t concern your sorry self with the dawgs ? Bama always living in that tiny head, always
“Getting them to the NFL “ is what Saban does, there are 70 players from Bama this year in the NFL, a record, check your facts Chump. No one in the history of CFB has gotten more players to the NFL than Bama and Saban, NO ONE !
Keep telling yourself that chump, so funny how delusional “Dawg” fans are, hilarious !
Soft, Ok Smart has is 1-4 against Bama, so not sure whose really “soft” BTW Kirby Smart wasn’t even Saban’s best DC Pruitt was, hands down !
Good for CFB, and for Alabama Football, could change things, for the good, RTR !
I would if anyone can Coach Saban can, get him to play every down, otherwise he won’t play. However I doubt that’s the case.
Says the Auburn fan who’s school just hired a “john” lol !
Why is that fing “awkward “ ?!? I know he out dance your ass
Bless your heart, quoting Coach Saban and everything, Bama lives in your head dude, and why wouldn’t they, lol !
As a die hard Bama fan I have to agree, would love to see the Tide play a couple more games but honestly TCU deserves to get in, won a lot of close games but hey a win is a win
Oh yes, that’s why there so many QB’s “developed “ by Kirby & Co in the NFL… just shut up dude really