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This kind of attention whoring idiocy could only come from O'Gara.
Hey when your uniforms don't suck there's no reason to change 'em, right?
Seconded. He didn't have a good line last year, and this ones even worse due to lack of experience and injuries. I'd say it's hard to concentrate when you have 300+ lb. defensive linemen breathing down your neck every time you drop back to pass.
Ever see a great QB without an adequate O-line? Yeah, me either.
On the topic of defense though... Anyone laugh out lound when Seth burned Emerson right after he was talking trash? I nearly died.
"Drivel". He meant "drivel", folks. Gotta cut him some slack. We all know English isn't an area of focus in Tuscaloser.
He's not wrong. You take the touchback there. I thought it was dumb of Roger McCreary to try to return his back-of-the-endzone INT this weekend as well.
Arkansas I actually feel bad for. The Rebelbearsharks not so much. The missed call makes up for that BS holding call on Tank's kickoff return TD.
Bit of a false equivalency there bud. We run the ball a lot on crappy defenses. We stop running the ball against defenses that are stuffing the run. Running the ball more against a GOOD defense like UGA isn't going to magically make Auburn win more games. Admit it. You pulled this one out of your a$$.
There delegation from Auburn has some thoughts on that... You're wrong.
I won't disagree. Our secondary is looking particularly good and UGA's offense seems unstable currently. We're almost always very hit or miss though. Should be an interesting game if nothing else.
To be fair, it isn't that hard to be better than last year's "veteran" O-line. They made Stidham and Bo look worse than they were for the last 2 years.
And they play much cleaner. I liked having Fairley on on our side but dude played diiiiiiiiirty.
I thought he was in. I have no idea what to make of that call. It was the wrong spot if they allege he was already down. That whole thing was just a clusterf&%$. Couple that with the questionable targeting call, which personally I agree with,and you have a whole mess of "What the hell?" moments in one game.
UK fans are a classy bunch. Best of luck to you guys for the rest of the season.
We're gonna have to tighten up a but on the defensive front. Gotta watch the ball instead of listening to a hard count. Other than that I agree with every word you said. Should be a fun season. Bama looked like a machine as per usual.
Can't do much worse than the "veteran" line from the last two years. Lord.
Lol'ing at this article now. Here's a tip. Wait until the game is over.
He's a lot like Chad Morris. Great in his lane, but just can't hack it as a college head coach.
Meh, Tua'll cover that too. Dude takes care of his own.
Irony is looking at the comment section and realizing that the most civil discussions are between Auburn and Kentucky fans right now. Good luck to you guys. Looking forward to a good one tomorrow.
Whitlow's departure had everything to do with failing a drug test. You likely won't be able to find any documentation to confirm that, but that was the word from Auburn insiders at the time of his transfer.
But then we're talking about Saban here, not simply Bama. UA had some rough years there for a while. Once Nick showed up they haven't had what anyone would qualify as a bad season.
Not five. Six. It was a heck of a run.