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I think relegation is a fun idea and would make CFB super interesting. I really don't mind the hogs being on this list. My issue is them being before that cesspool mess that was Baylor. I'd much rather be a loser than to willingly cover up rape.
Oh oh oh should it say 'we want Clemson' instead? What would be funnier?
Do you think I'll make the #nottop10 if i take a sign that says 'we want bama' when I'm at the BDS in October?
WE WANT BAMA, WE WANT BA... oh wait we get them no matter what. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Hahaha
Arm strength is somewhat overrated anyway. I can't remember his name, but that kid who won the NC for Ohio state a few years ago was a third stringer. My knowledge is that he could throw 70 yards on a knee. Where is he now??? Riding pine im guessing. Give me Fromm even above tua.
I hate to be that guy, and I'm guessing your come back might be the last score of the game the hogs and dawgs played because that seems to be the norm with disagreements, but i couldn't disagree more. Matt Ryan can throw and break a brick wall and even in his prime.(counting that one year with Randy Moss) , Brady can maybe tap that wall. Now do i think Fromm can't be a NFL QB because i think his arm is closer to Brady's than Ryan's??? Hell no!!! If my Chiefs didn't have Mahomes I'd take take Fromm all day because i think he has what it takes to be a great QB at the highest level. Im guessing the hogs are bowling if he's under center last year. That's how highly i think of him, but to think he has out of this world arm strength is out of this world.
Whew!!! All these Florida Georgia/ Georgia Florida comments the last few weeks makes me happy the hogs don't have any "natural" rivals in the SEC. I guess maybe it would be A&M, but we're both too busy trying to play uTexas!!! Hahaha
WAS excited about next year with this super young team. Think the last few years were bad? It's going to be Y2K-2014 all over again. Here's rootin' for 2029!!!(or so)
From only memory and no research, pretty sure this team had no seniors one junior 3-4 sophomores and the rest freshman. Didn't expect much this year(kinda overachieved)but was really excited about next year. That's out the window now.
Awe man, I almost had that scrubbed from my memory! Thanks for the reminder, hahaha!
This is what most hogs fans think: "Hey 23rd in the nation, that's pretty good!" "D@mn, only 10th in the conference?"
I'll be there with my wife and a couple of our Alabama friends. Went in '17 and was great time and awesome experience minus 2 drunk dudes behind us.
All you have to do is call old folks and tell them you a Nigerian prince.
That's how it is on this and most comment section/ forums. Your team sucks so you are dumb and have no knowledge or observations on anything. My team is good so I know everything and your opinions are trash no matter if they are even remotely correct. Sad simpleton way of thinking really.
She is not an artist because her content is written and mixed by other people, she just comes in and lays down heavily produced vocals. Therefore not an artist but entertainer. One reason I like generally unknown, underground music, you can't sell out of you write it yourself.
Christopher Columbus wasn't the first person to step foot in America. For one there were already people here and for two it wasn't even America yet, that came years later when we got our name from some Italian guy.
Click @tjfstanford, you will see a woman with the little girl in the video. Snap judgements are detrimental to knowledge of context.
The little girls mother was filming, she should probably be canned also. And let's expel the students while we're at it.
So what you're saying is the Georgia players only kinda wanted to win this game before, but now they really want to win it?
You're missing the second paragraph of the article.
When my wife asks me if I want meatloaf for dinner I respond swiftly with a "yep". I don't really like meatloaf but I eat it anyway.