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I was pretty bummed he had to switch to wr. I think if the nfl of 15 years ago was more like the nfl of today, he would have had a nice pro qb career.
"Someone flopped a steamer in the gene pool Now angry mob mentality's no longer the exception, it's the rule And I'm starting to feel a lot like Charlton Heston Stranded on a primate planet Apes and orangutans that ran it to the ground With generals and the armies that obeyed them Followers following fables Philosophies that enable them to rule without regard" -Fat Mike
I still feel like a fool thinking the 31 points Arkansas put up was the turning point for Chad Morris.
Don't care if the hogs win another game this year, ima thinkin were 2-8.
Yet if these expectations are not met, these same guys will blame the fans for expecting too much from the team. Main reason i think a lot of the pregame stuff is completely pointless.
I think another thing that gets overlooked is Pittman going against the dawg defense for a few years. Yeah some of the players will be different but the scheme will be similar. He should know exactly where to attack. I'm not saying the hogs will put up 30 or anything like that, but a TD or 2 and a few field goal attempts would not surprise me at all.
If only the SEC ends up playing i say everybody plays everybody. Go by last years standings and the top 7 get the extra home game. Throw an off week or two in there and call it a season. If there even is fans it will be around 10-20k so who cares about home field. Top two play for SEC title regardless of divisions. If any of these other programs want to secede from their conference for a season i think let them. I wouldn't mind seeing how Ohio state would do playing our top 1-5 teams in a row. In a weird year let's get weird.
I'm pretty confident Franks can hand the ball to Boyd with ease. If he can buy the time to get the ball to the WR's, especially the two Treys, the offense may be fun to watch. With some good tape the Knox kid has first round, early second potential written all over him in my opinion.
So is "generational talent"... I was not aware a generation was every other year.
I've wanted CEH on the chiefs since about midseason. Can't believe it actually happened, but happy it did!
Wow, politics and sports seem like they are basically the same thing these days. Just replace conservative and liberal with Florida and Georgia and you kinda get the same style of arguments. You guys wanna do Mississippi state (global warming is real) and ole miss (global warming is false news) next?
I liked this guy as a prospect coming out of college. He was never a day one starter in the nfl but i thought with a couple years of development he could be. I will be much more comfortable if mahomes gets hurt for a couple games.
I proposed to my wife in the spring of 2010. When we (she) started planning our wedding about a year later, she told me she had always wanted a fall wedding. I said, "that's fine with me, but listen toots, the team is pretty good right now so pick a bye week or there might not be anybody there. And i can't guarantee I'll be there either." Then someone had to wreck a motorcycle. I told her i didn't care when our wedding was because John L Smith was going to be our coach this season and it's going to be a train wreck. We changed the date to match an opening to a venue that was previously unavailable because of needing a bye week. As predicted, it was a season to forget. The day of our wedding was Auburn and go figure Arkansas won.
Should his nut sack hanging 3/4 of an inch lower than the median QB nut sack over the last 20 years help the scouts overlook the 3/4 of an inch missing on his hands? I hope so.
Huh, I kinda forgot Franks transferred in. If he can just get the ball to those receivers, we can maybe look respectable on offense. They are really good, especially the two treys. Hoping a veteran QB can help them reach potential.
Did anybody else chuckle when the coach had "bad intentions" and "very sad with bad motives" in his answer, then the university came out and said he's comments do not match the values of the university? These PR people are so worried about covering their @$$ because of Twitter, they just copy and paste statements and fill in names and places like one of those old mad lib books.
I didn't know much about this guy until watching the Alabama game this year. He was the game changer in my opinion. Seems like an all around kinda rb. If my chiefs can somehow pick him up, the super bowls may be wrapped up the next 5 years.
It's been about 5 years since I've moved from Springfield, but i remember the women's basketball team being the gem of the school. Even went to a handful of games and the arena was usually 70% full. Drive by the football field during a home game and it looked like just the players family was there. I really don't think that town cares about the football program or who is coaching it.
The Kansas city chiefs have a starting lineman that went to college in Canada, if you're good enough they will find you.
This would be huge. Probably be a day one starter also.
I hear or see that said a lot, about Georgia not caring to play in that sugar bowl. But everything i seen from the players leading up to the game was that they were going to prove the committee wrong and show they were a top 4 team. I can't remember the players of the top of my head and i don't really care enough to look i just find it funny and ironic.
Jonathan Williams needs to be somewhere on this list. Frank ragnow should probably be number 1 though. He only played 3 1/2 years i believe because of an injury, but he didn't allow a sack. In the SEC that's next to impossible.